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Unleashing nature's wisdom

At SQIN ZERO we are committed to beauty from the inside out, using all-natural ingredients that will add to the health of your body, your mood, and our beautiful planet in a sustainable way.


We have been acquired by a great partner here in Switzerland and you can expect to hear more news directly from them very soon.

Thank you for the last 3 amazing years and your incredible support and trust.

You gave us wings!

Crystal Ball

100% transparency

At SQIN Ø we refuse to use a very long list of harmful ingredients that are used in over the counter products, in fact we have a 100% transparency policy which means you will never find asterisks nor small print in any of our ingredients lists for any of our products.


Cruelty - Free

At SQIN Ø we are 100% cruelty-free and do not perform animal testing of any sort for any of our products. We also work with only cruelty-free suppliers ensuring we stick and to our values at all stages of our production and manufacturing

Holding Plant

Planet Friendly

At SQIN Ø we use only recyclable and reusable packagings for all our products and have sustainable and artisanal production methods in place that ensure we take care of our planet as much as we take car of your skin.

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As  seen  on

buy 2 beauty products or more and we will take care of the shipping costs

at sqin zerowe do not perform  animal testing for any of our products

our products are artisanal, hand-made and produced  on-demand with love

sqin zero means all natural ingredients with Ø chemicals

every order is a tree planted by the eco-packaging alliance program

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