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Hi There!

Natalia Monnard - Female Founder

I am Nats, founder of SQIN Ø, the all-natural, artisanal, sustainable cosmetic products exclusively made in Switzerland that honor your body, mind, and soul as well as our beautiful planet. 


At SQIN Ø we are on a mission: helping our customers make healthier and better-informed decisions about what they put on their skin, by providing them with the most nutritious, simple, and luxurious treatments out there with a zero-greenwashing-tolerance policy and 100% transparency approach, all while fostering a more sustainable lifestyle.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it can absorb a significant amount of any cosmetic we apply: this includes the good and the bad, which, in today's toxic-heavy beauty and personal care industry set-up, translates into a lot of chemicals going directly into our bloodstream.


Conventional, chemical-laden products can have an adverse impact on the natural processes our body goes through on a daily basis. 

After years of looking for high-quality, results-first cosmetics and skincare products that would deliver healthy skin without parabens, aluminum, petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, or any other of a long list of nasty ingredients, and being disappointed with the amount of greenwashing out there, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

This is how SQIN Ø came to life!



Our SQIN Ø products are artisanal and produced on demand ensuring maximum quality and freshness ensuring we don't need any kind of preservatives.


We follow a skinimalism approach based on a less-is-more philosophy. This means that we use as few ingredients as possible so that our premium active components can be absorbed at the skin's maximum capacity.

We have started our mission by focusing on a product many of us use on a daily basis: deodorant. Over-the-counter brands may contain up to 12 harmful ingredients.


We created a product that is safe for humans all while delivering great results that surpass those of conventional deodorants.

We aim at using recyclable and reusable products. Being part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance Program, means that every order made by SQIN Ø is a tree planted.

We are excited to share with you products that we use every day, that we feel proud of and can stand behind, and will make YOU feel fabulous!


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Meet Nats

Natalia Monnard - Female Founder

 Chief Executive Officer 

Growing up in Mexico, I was always an advocate for the need to take better care of our planet, therefore often involved in environmental campaigns. I moved to Switzerland in 2011where I started my career in the financial industry and obtained my MBA degree. Additionally, my entrepreneurial mindset has taken me to advise start-ups and small companies.

My passion for sustainability topics means I am always on the lookout for healthy natural products that ensure humans coexist better with our planet, but it was not easy to find sustainable solutions that deliver a great customer experience.

SQIN Ø is the outcome of my experience in strategic business growth combined with my drive for a healthier living and a more sustainable lifestyle, creating a company that is in line with my values and vision for the future.

 - Nats

buy 2 beauty products or more and we will take care of the shipping costs

at sqin zerowe do not perform  animal testing for any of our products

our products are artisanal, hand-made and produced  on-demand with love

sqin zero means all natural ingredients with Ø chemicals

every order is a tree planted by the eco-packaging alliance program


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