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It's all about the ingredients

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Today, beauty products can be labeled as natural as long as 95% of their ingredients come from natural origin, but what about the other 5%? 


At SQIN Ø we are 100% natural, and we really mean 100%!

Our mission is to help people make healthier and better informed choices about what they put on their skin by creating all natural skincare and cosmetic products that deliver outstanding results without the nasties.

This boils down to one thing: ingredients

Here you can learn more about the premium high-quality natural ingredients we use in our products but also about those we refuse to use and why we have taken that decision.

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Nature has given us some of the most powerful and incredible ingredients to work with.

Using premium high-quality natural ingredients means we don't need to compromise on product effectiveness nor add any kind of nasties that could be harmful to your wellbeing, your health and that of our planet.

Click here to learn more about the ingredients we use and why we are committed to

#zeronasties in our products.

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The beauty and personal care industry frequently uses ingredients that some studies have shown to have a negative impact in our health.


The regulatory environment is different around the world and in certain cases has not been updated in decades, which means it does not reflect the latest findings on harmful ingredients.

At SQIN Ø we are not waiting for the industry and regulators to take action, we proactively banned a long list of ingredients we deem dangerous and thus refuse to use them.

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buy 2 beauty products or more and we will take care of the shipping costs

at sqin zerowe do not perform  animal testing for any of our products

our products are artisanal, hand-made and produced  on-demand with love

sqin zero means all natural ingredients with Ø chemicals

every order is a tree planted by the eco-packaging alliance program


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