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Helping our planet and taking good care of it is a team effort.

We are committed to a more sustainable lifestyle using production methods and packaging that are as green as possible. With YOUR help we can take our sustainability efforts to new heights!

Our bamboo containers are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Once you have enjoyed your SQIN Ø products until the very last drop you can either re-use them at home and give them a second life, take them to your local recycling station or send them back to us, we will make sure they are properly recycled on your behalf.

To send them back to us please make sure you collect 7 empty containers. Clean them thoroughly with water and soap and make sure they are dry before packing them to be shipped.

Send them to:


Seebahnstrasse 145

8003, Zürich


 We did say this was teamwork right? And so, to reward you for your efforts we will include an extra 30g Deodorant cream of your choice in your next order for FREE!

Thank you for your support!

buy 2 beauty products or more and we will take care of the shipping costs

at sqin zerowe do not perform  animal testing for any of our products

our products are artisanal, hand-made and produced  on-demand with love

sqin zero means all natural ingredients with Ø chemicals

every order is a tree planted by the eco-packaging alliance program


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